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You cannot unleash or develop what you don't know.  Knowing where your people are exceptional is the stuff of greatness. Great products and services need exceptional people to innovate and build them.  They need skilled  strategists to market and socially intelligent salesmen to close deals.  Great companies and teams need leaders who have the innate abilities to inspire and develop people.  It all comes down to identifying Talent DNA and making sure that Talent gets to do what it does best every day!


Talent DNA LLC has created and  selected a highly predictive set of Positive Forensic Profile® assessment tools.  No intelligent leader would ever attempt to lead an organization without an accurate financial or accounting system. 


Talent DNA LLC can provide a forensic audit of employee engagement using High Performance DNA Markers that have been scientifically proven to drive the success of an organization.

We are able to interview, test and profile what matters and at times we do discover weaknesses that need to be addressed for greater engagement and success.

Corporate Culture DNA Profiling

Our Corp-Culture DNA Profile™ produces hard evidence that is meaningful and useful relative to employee engagement, satisfaction, and commitment.  


Each corporation is unique.  Much is determined by the DNA of the founders and original leadership and their vision. Corporations are just like people. They live and breathe and have their own minds,  


Talent DNA's Corp-Culture Profile™, will identify:  patterns, beliefs, motivations, ways of approaching threats and opportunities, decision-making speed, pivot ability, how they associate and compete, etc.

Millennial Talent and Cultural DNA Profiling

Understanding, harnessing and unleashing Millennial Talent is probably the greatest challenge for the future of corporate success in the 21st Century.  If you are not an expert in Millennial Talent get ready to fail.

We have been profiling Millennial Talent DNA using our My Life Scene software to obtain deep and relevant profiles on who they really are.  Visit   We have a world class advisory board that includes experts who have been deans at Harvard University, data scientists from Cambridge University and others.

How can your corporation unleash Millennial Talent?  What sort of culture should Millennial job seekers expect? Does your company has a strong set of values that you communicate clearly?  Millennials that align with your mission will be more likely to engage with your company careers page and apply for a potential position.

Talent DNA LLC can help you speak Millennial, successfully hire Millennials, engage Millennials and unleash Millennials to become the future of your success.

Talent DNA Team Development and Coaching

You can't develop what you don't know.  When we begin developing Talent we don't waste time or money flying blind.  We expertly profile individuals, executives and teams so we know who and what we are working with.

Talent has a unique DNA.  We believe in the maxim that when you "Maximize Strength You Minimize Weakness".  

We know that you cannot built championship teams unless you know the players greatest Talents. Talent only succeeds when you fit it in the right positions.  Talent must then be connected and coached to reach exceptional performance.


Talent DNA is ready to help you unleash the best because we are the best at doing Talent DNA! 

Talent DNA is Your Brand

Your Corporate Culture determines your brand.  Your Talent DNA defines your culture.  

The distinctives of who you are and how you are seen in the market is answered by the question, "Who are you?"  Most corporations do not have the clarity to craft a message that the market understands or resonates with.  The result is people don't buy what you are selling.

If you are ready to identify your Corporate DNA and craft a powerful and irresistible message that sells to a market that connects with your corporation, we are ready to make that happen.

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