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Talent is what powers great companies.  We have worked with great brands, corporations and leaders to identify great Talent for leadership, in leadership, to build powerful teams, 

Talent DNA has worked with small companies looking to develop market share, starts-ups struggling to survive, mid-size companies gearing up for major change and high growth, venture capital companies looking to build great teams in their investments and we have also consulted with major brands and corporations. 


What matters to us is Talent.  Talent is people.  People who are looking to be successful, happy and wanting to make a difference.   

“Running a young growing company and needing to be very agile like Poo Pourri, demands knowing your Talent very well.  You just can't manage what you don't know.
The lead Talent DNA team of Krisandra Parsons and Mark Demos helped us at a critical time with our Talent management, realignment and finding the right fit for our C-Level team and other senior leadership.  
The immense waste of time and money when you don't get it right, at the right times, can be devastating to corporate growth and morale.  Getting it right with the help of the brilliant team at Talent DNA helped us make the changes absolutely necessary and move ahead to an amazing growth stage in our history."  
Suzy Batiz - CEO Poo Pourri, Addison, Tx.

Dallas, Tx 



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