Corporate Wellness and Happiness Programs

There are many indicators of thriving organizations.  For any organism to thrive it must be healthy.  Creating and maintaining a thriving organization takes work and planning.

There are many ways we can help you determine the level of wellness in your organization.  We have been using tools like the Gallup Q12, The FLOW Index and more recently the PERMAH which combines leading research in the science of wellbeing and how to apply this research in effective and practical ways.

Talent DNA has been delivering corporate wellness programs for 25 years.  These programs are tailored for your corporate DNA.

Our programs are all evidence-based and known to deliver what they say.  We measure everything we do and are able to produce long term results to effect positive change and organizational development.

With each analysis of organizational wellness, we are able to created a specific plan of action to boost performance and organizational wellness.  We have over over 100 interventions, some quick and easy and others that create powerful and lasting change.  

Executive Coaching

Getting the best from your executive team on a consistent basis requires work.  Each leader must bring their best game day by day for your company to fulfil their mission.  Many executives need help.  They need the help of a coach.  A coach that will allow them to think more clearly, act more decisively and thrive.

Running a young growing company and needing to be very agile like Poo Pourri, demands knowing your Talent very well.  You just can't manage what you don't know.​ The lead Talent DNA team of Krisandra Parsons and Mark Demos helped us at a critical time with our Talent management, realignment and finding the right fit for our C-Level team and other senior leadership.  The immense waste of time and money when you don't get it right, at the right times, can be devastating to corporate growth and morale.  Getting it right with the help of the brilliant team at Talent DNA helped us make the changes absolutely necessary and move ahead to an amazing growth stage in our history."  Suzy Batiz CEO Poo Pourri.

Leadership Development and Coaching

"I hired Mark Demos when I was at Microsoft.  I had been in technology marketing for a number of years working for many early tech companies in Seattle and needed to make a change.  I was at the top of my game.  I had done very well professionally and financially.  I simply was not fulfilled and knew at 44 years of age I could not do this for another 15-20 years. 

Mark immediately got me clear on two things:  my own talents and secondly he helped me look deeply into my soul and clarify my motivations.  Why I wanted to change and what I was looking for.  I left Microsoft and for a year looked for the right position. I found it and have never looked back.  All I can say is that if you want to get more, make a change and find what you are looking for, call Mark today!Dave Barrow - Director of Marketing XBox Microsoft.

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