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Our greatest Talent is the capacity to profile your Talent DNA.  Our founder, Mark R Demos, invented the process of Positive Forensic Profiling.  Mark realized the greatest challenge to any individual or organization was that of accurately and fully knowing what Talents they brought to the workplace and how they could be developed for greatest fit and performance.  

Working with people like Dr. Michal Kosinski from Cambridge University, the world's leading social psychologist and big data analyst for human profiling, the process of positive, multi-dimensional profiling of human talent was developed.  It is now being used in profiling Talent DNA in emerging Gen Z and Millennials as well as corporate and sports domains.

High performance starts with a good dose of Talent.  Talent must be identified before it can be developed to be exceptional.  Corporations spend millions attempting to hire and fit square pegs into round holes under the illusion that somehow forcing or incentivizing their people will get the best out of them.  It works sometimes.  Sometimes it works for a short time.  Sometimes if just fails miserably.

 Talent DNA Can Predict Your Future and Success!    Do You Know Yours?

Why not start at the very beginning.  Let us profile your corporation.  Let us help you discover and be able to articulate precisely who you are.  Let us work with you to profile your people and help develop and fit them where they can be the very best they can be and perform exceptionally...and make you money.

Talent DNA works with corporations that want growth and change.  We are consultants, coaches, analysts, strategists, team builders but everything we do focuses on measuring and understanding Talent.  

Talent DNA can be identified, described and mapped so your corporation can leverage it's greatest power.

If you want to understand, restructure, rebrand or engineer your corporation to and create a great future - Talent DNA is the leader in Talent profiling and unleashing Talent to greatness.

Powering up for change and growth can begin with contacting Talent DNA Today!

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